I met Rachel in historic Abingdon for her senior session.  It was raining the entire drive there, but showed some signs of clearing up.  Since I arrived a little early, my assistant and I had some time to wander over to this particular location I’ve had my eye on to check to see if it was accessible.  When we reached the spot we were in for a big letdown.  There were “No Trespassing” signs everywhere, in every direction!  As we stood looking at the holy grail of locations, a door closed behind us.  I turned to look and a man leaving a neighboring home was about to get in his car.  I thought, what the heck, maybe he knows the owner, I’ll take a chance and ask if we can shoot here.  Turns out he WAS the owner and knew my assistant well!  Needless to say, we were granted full blown access and the owner even gave us an in depth tour.  I went back to meet Rachel and just as she pulled up the rain stopped.  We were in for a fantastic evening of shooting!  By the way,  this is my first full session photographed with my new Canon gear.


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