Bridal portraits are always a lot of fun, so when Lola came to us for her bridal portraits, we were excited to say the least!  Sherri Jessee and I had worked with Lola before, photographing her professional head shots, so we knew we were in for another day of excitement.  We started off photographing in the studio and had photographed for around an hour with a few different looks and poses and then suddenly the power went out!  Once we realized that the entire neighborhood had lost power, we just grabbed a chair and took the fun outside.  It just so happened that the lighting was absolutely perfect at that point and we were able to capture some of my favorite shots of the day before the rain showed up!  It just goes to show that regardless of what life throws at you, as long as you have a positive attitude (and a reflector), good things can happen:)  I will be posting more photos from Lindsey’s bridal session in the near future, AND photos from the photo lounge we hosted at her wedding. Stay tuned!

Lindsey Ratliff

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